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Blog Birthday!

I always say that if I went out looking for a business partner it would have been a tremendous fail. But the business partnership between Kyla and I happened organically and after years of friendship, and it ended up working out better than we could have ever imagined.

Kyla and I met at our church, and frequently worked on events together there. Both of us had extensive experience in events, as well as work backgrounds in customer service, art, hospitality and administration- You can read our bio here! When we finally started our business, our skills fit hand and glove and helped us serve our clients, not just on the planning side, but on the design side as well.

Over the past several years we’ve had the opportunity to create some amazing designs for clients! You can see a lot of our work on the website, but here are just a few examples of our design work:

We custom made mermaid tails (Kyla used to have her own business making custom kids clothes) and this backdrop for a little girl’s birthday. Adorable, right?


Our bride, Heather, came to us with a unique vision and we love how it all came together (Full blog post on this wedding soon!)

We were hired to design this wedding and ceremony backdrop. To-die-for! (How-To blog coming soon on creating this backdrop!)


As our blog continues, we hope to showcase our design work and highlight both of our personalities. We also want to give lady entrepreneurs some encouragement that they too can run a business while maintaining their creativity and sanity! And our families and puppies will probably make appearances too because, well, we think they’re just stinkin cute. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!